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financial outsourcing services

PB Solutions - Financial Outsourcing Services

Your complete solution in outsourcing for accounting, finance, and bookkeeping from anywhere in the world.

Did you know that for the same cost as one staff member you could have a whole team at your disposal?

Located in New Delhi, India, PB Solutions now offer low-cost, reliable and efficient outsourcing services direct to Businesses and Accountants. We have developed a unique structure and service delivery platform to not only provide cost savings but to also achieve the highest level of consistent quality and accuracy on all jobs including simple data entry to the provision of reporting level financial accounts and taxation work.

PB Solutions is unique as we:

  • Deliver all services through specialised, compact teams - the same teams, year in, year out.
  • Are trained by Australian Accounting firms and maintain strict continuous training programs.
  • Utilise qualified Chartered Accountants in each team.
  • Follow strict quality control and guidelines on all work completed at all times.

Specialising in outsourcing services to Australian Accounting firms and businesses, PB Solutions’ streamlined processes allow us to provide outsourced services at an international level. We have a number of multi-national clients who use our services in their various locations around the world.

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financial outsourcing services
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financial outsourcing services