Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services

bookkeeping Outsourcing Services

Low-cost bookkeeping has never been easier!

PB Solutions are experienced in all aspects of bookkeeping, and can also provide services in bank reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, asset management, stock control, payroll and more.

We are experienced bookkeepers providing our specialised bookkeeping services to clients across Australia and numerous other international destinations.

Why outsource your bookkeeping?

Save $$$! and improve accuracy and consistency of results.

For the same cost as one staff member you could have a whole team at your disposal! We generally reduce your administration and book-keeping costs by 50% or more.

No need for on-costs – paid leave, public holidays, expensive work stations and overheads.

You can get qualified, skilled people who can do your bookkeeping – often for around half the price of local staff.

Because you have a team at your disposal, sick leave and annual leave will never affect the provision of a continuous service to obtain your results. You do not need to worry about retraining staff should someone leave and there are no increased costs – good, high quality consistent results.

Most importantly you will be free to focus on growing your business, using accurate management accounts presented regularly, accurately and on time to manage and direct your businesses resources effectively.

Outsource Bookkeeping at PB Solutions

What you receive…

  • excellent turnaround time – real time continuous entry services or low cost monthly processing – the choice is yours.
  • information security – With the latest Citrix based hosting systems (private cloud) and computers located in Australia along with all data, your information is secure.
  • high quality work – With 10 years of operation and training, tiered quality control procedures and qualified senior staff, your quality is assured.
  • and… big savings!

Outsourced Bookkeeping – using today’s technology

PB Solutions are familiar with and have experience in using most of the standard financial packages, including:

  • MYOB
  • Quickbooks
  • Handisoft
  • Account Right
  • Xero
  • Excel
  • Arrow
  • BGL
  • Bank link
  • ERP
  • and more

In addition to this, the team are capable of quickly learning any other accounting, client relationship management, payroll or data processing software – often at no cost to the client.

Online Bookkeeping Services – the way forward

Why email large data files back and forth? Why maintain costly, messy paper records? Why provide expensive workstations and rental space? Why worry about staff leaving and retraining costs?

Online Bookkeeping Services allows documents and data to be saved in web-based applications on a secure central server, which can be accessed by both parties. By having the data in one central location, the online software can be accessed securely from any location in the world, allowing both you and your outsourced officers to access the data.

There are three general types of Online Bookkeeping Services:

  • Web based: The software is hosted on a web server on the internet, and the user accesses the software via their web browser. These types of services are known as web based Online Bookkeeping Services.
  • Application Server Provider (ASP) Hosted: In these types of Bookkeeping Services, the standard desktop accounting software is run on a remote server, and then the user accesses a live terminal session (or remote desktop). For Windows, this is referred to as “Terminal Services” and the user would see a normal Windows desktop with their software installed.
  • The live Windows session runs on the remote server instead of the computer. Often, the hosting is provided by a specialist hosting company and the accounting/bookkeeping is done by another.
  • Remote Access: The software is hosted at the client’s premises and accessed remotely via the bookkeeping services provider. This is the model that Online Bookkeeping Services use.

PB Solutions can work within your requirements to get the job done.

Highest Level of Information Security

Data Integrity and Quality Control

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