BAS Preparation

bas preparation

Business Activity Statement – here we go again…

So, the period has closed again and it’s time to do your BAS. Another huge, time-consuming task to add on to your never-ending list of things to do.

Outsource your BAS Preparation – It’s so easy and saves you $$$!

Late BAS lodgement can mean penalties and interest from the ATO and it can trigger audits and reviews from the ATO.

Why spend your precious time sitting down preparing your BAS when someone else can do it for you cheaper? It makes sense.

Why waste your expensive internal staff’s time preparing your BAS when you could have our staff do it at half the price?

Significantly, by using an online bookkeeping system, you can provide detailed reports to any queries the ATO (or other Taxation Officer) may have quickly and efficiently, substantially reducing the likelihood of a time consuming and costly audit arising. Accuracy of data is essential and if it is all scanned online, it can be provided to support any reviews immediately and by email.

Further reconciling your BAS and ensuring its accuracy is essential.

By outsourcing your BAS Preparation to PB Solutions – you save $$$.

You and your staff can concentrate on your core business – which really brings in the money.

Highest Level of Information Security

Data Integrity and Quality Control

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