finance and accounting outsourcing

Did you know that for the same cost as one staff member you could have a whole team at your disposal?

Savings $$$

You can get qualified, skilled people who can prepare financial accounts (up to IFRS standard), management accounts, complete complex bookkeeping, taxation returns, superannuation fund jobs, data entry, practice management and more – often for less than half the price of local staff.

No need for on-costs – paid leave, public holidays, expensive work stations, rents and overheads, no need for training, no need to be concerned about staff leaving – you will have at your disposal a complete team of qualified staff that know your clients, know your systems and complete reconciled, high quality accurate work for your clients and you.

Outsourcing back-office professional services represents the way of the future for accounting firms around Australia and PB Solutions have over 10 years experience and training within this specialised area.

Australian trained, secure data and IT systems, no transfer of data, low costs, consistent work and work papers and exclusive access to specialist teams and the same team working on your clients work, year in, year out.


Why Outsource?

The web is breaking down employment barriers, and outsourcing is no longer the preserve of big business. Small accounting firms are now increasingly using offshore labour to reduce staff costs and improve margins. All businesses in Australia are looking to cut costs and this includes reducing accountants’ fees and while upskilling and offering a higher level of service to clients is important and attractive, maintaining profit margins from compliance work is essential to any firm’s survival and competitive edge.

Improved margins from compliance will free up senior staff’s time to deliver a better product and service to clients as well as provide much needed profit margins to ensure the accounting firm thrives as a successful business.

So what if they’re not sitting next to you? With technology racing ahead – internet, Skype© , secure IT hosting – you can develop a close working relationship with someone no matter where they are in the world. You can also dial a local Australian number to contact the team member.

Imagine if…

  • all of your compliance jobs had consistent, accurate workpapers and support documents
  • all jobs were reviewed and managed by a strong well trained team of staff
  • you achieve more than 95% of the lodgement targets
  • your back office work was completed
  • your firm’s accounts were up-to-date
  • fees raised and debtors collected on a timely basis
  • WIP was no older than 60 days…

Welcome to PB Solutions!

We specialise in providing accountants with a complete outsourced solution.

Concentrate on delivering a higher level of service to your clients and grow your fees.

finance and accounting outsourcing
finance and accounting outsourcing

Outsourcing at PB Solutions – It’s so simple!

Test before you buy –

Test our services and work quality before you buy, by simply providing us with up to three compliance jobs that we will complete for you and if you are not satisfied with the results, there will be no charge – we are very confident you will be over the moon with our results.

Want to cut expenses and improve work quality? Outsourcing is simple. PB Solutions have developed a low-cost, efficient and reliable process to provide your back-office, accounting, bookkeeping and taxation work. You simply provide us with your requirements and then we take care of the rest!

You will have your own dedicated team that understands your requirements and maintains the consistency of your work.


Reliable and Secure Outsourcing Services

PB Solutions understands the importance of information security, privacy and confidentiality.

We use:

  • Enforceable service contracts – Your Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information is protected
  • Secure data – using the latest in IT security on on-line secure server hosting
  • We ensure all data is kept in Australia and maintained on hosted servers either located at your office or on our servers located in Brisbane.
  • No data is transferred overseas.

Our specialised efficient team structures ensure that the same team is available each year to work on the same client, year in, year out – ensuring consistency and accuracy. Each team maintains and follows specifically designed quality control procedures and workpapers.

The teams include CA (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) qualified senior staff and accounting staff along with degree qualified and experienced processing staff.

All teams undertake a continuous training regime both within India and by selected Australian Accounting firms.

finance and accounting outsourcing